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WELCOME to the California Redwoods Birding Trail

Del Norte County is one of the most exciting and scenic places to visit in search of birds on the West Coast or in the entire United States. This tiny county on the wild redwood northwest corner of California has recorded more species of birds (419 as of 2006) than eighteen entire states and nine Canadian territories and provinces. The rugged natural beauty of the California Redwoods Birding Trail is unrivaled. This is a place where ancient redwoods thrive, rivers run free, wild salmon still spawn, and rare bird, plant, and fish species rebound rather than disappear.


California’s most northwest county contains over fifty miles of pristine coastline and tens of thousands of acres of public lands. Castle Rock National Wildlife Refuge protects the second largest seabird colony in the state. The Lake Earl Coastal Lagoon is the West Coast’s largest estuarine lagoon outside of Alaska and it provides a major migratory stopover during peak times along the Pacific Flyway. Redwood National and State Parks protects some of the world’s tallest trees and includes 75-miles of trails for exploration. The Smith River National Recreation Area offers world-class recreation and showcases the Smith River, the nation’s longest wild and scenic river. The adjacent Six Rivers National Forest contains unmatched geologic complexity and an immense plant diversity of global significance as well as the rugged and pristine Siskiyou Wilderness. The Klamath River borders the southern entrance to the county and is renown, along with the Smith River, for its world-class steelhead and salmon fishing.


The county’s largest town, Crescent City, with its outlying ranch and farmlands enjoys a quiet and casual atmosphere while offering first rate lodging accommodations. Steeped in history and Native American culture, it hosts several museums, two lighthouses, a variety of restaurants, and recreational activities for every type of visitor and pocketbook from golfing to beachcombing.

The growing and working harbor of Crescent City, where whale watching, fishing, and pelagic tours can be chartered, is also home to an established commercial fishing fleet that provides seafood for California markets—and seasonally sells fresh Dungeness crab or albacore right off the docks.

Castle Rock, Lake Earl Lagoon, Smith River forks

Castle Rock, Lake Earl Lagoon, and Smith River Forks, F. L. Hiser
California Redwood Birding Trail

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