Directions: Go north on Highway 101 4.3 miles, go east on Highway 199 5 miles to Hiouchi, continue 1.5 miles to South Fork/Howland Hill Road, turn right and cross two bridges. After second bridge, go left on South Fork Road. Stay on South Fork Road 14 miles to turnoff for Gasquet-Orleans (GO) Road, continue 0.7 miles on South Fork Road to turnoff for Big Flat campground, or continue 3 miles to a turnaround before bridge over creek.


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 Smith River Alliance
Most of the properties in Big Flat are private, so roadside or birding by car is recommended. Brambles and blackberries line much of the roadway and provide shelter for breeding Western Scrub-jay, MacGillivray’s Warbler, Yellow-breasted Chat, and Lazuli Bunting. This little valley is excellent for catching birds during migration and attracts such open country birds as Western Kingbird, Western Bluebird, and various sparrows. Townsend’s Solitaire is a sporadic visitor here in late fall through early spring. Troups of noisy Acorn Woodpecker are frequently present especially in the fall, so watch for them in the wooded hills. In the summer months, at the 3.0 mile turn-around, stop for a dip in the creek and scout for American Dipper and juvenile salmon.
big flat road map
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