Directions: Go north on Highway 101 0.8 mile to Northcrest Drive, turn left, go 1.2 miles to Old Mill Road, turn left, and go 1.5 miles to Lake Earl Wildlife Area Headquarters on right. Go straight another 100 yards to large gravel parking area. From the parking area, walk through the gap in the fence, taking the trail towards the display sign. Follow the sandy trail for 100 yards until it intersects with an old gravel road. Turn right and walk 1.0 mile to the wetland edge of Lake Earl Coastal Lagoon.


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ponsor: Lake Earl Audubon Branch

Description: Traveling flocks of Golden-crowned Kinglet and Chestnut-backed Chickadee, Steller's Jay, Winter Wren, Hermit and Varied Thrush, Yellow-rumped Warbler, Fox and Song Sparrow move through the surrounding woods during winter and early spring. In summer, the dominant voice heard is the Swainson’s Thrush. Pileated Woodpecker frequent these forests and can be heard and observed hammering for insects in the standing dead trees. When the trail breaks free of the woods at the interpretive display sign, veer to the right towards the lagoon’s edge and the single picnic table. In late spring and early summer, a riot of Red-winged Blackbird flash and call among the cattails. In the appropriate season, a fantastic array of birds, waterfowl, and shorebirds are available: Tundra Swan, Western and Pied Grebe, Virginia Rail, Sora, American Bittern, Black Phoebe, Brown Pelican, American Coot, Redhead, Mallard, Greenwing, and Canvas-back ducks.

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For a longer 4-mile hike: Return to the display sign and follow the trail to the west. This old ranch road is now managed and maintained by the Lake Earl Wildlife Area Fish and Game staff. It forms a 4-mile loop through stabilized dunes. A good place to watch for hawks and raptors. Lakeside access trails occur at several points. Listen for the unmistakable gurgle of American bittern nesting and hiding in the lush wetland edge. McLaughlin Pond provides a view to the west and the outlet of the lagoon where it joins the ocean. Harriers patrol the pond seeking prey. Keep left following the road for 1.5 miles back to parking area.
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