Directions: Go north on Highway 101 0.8 mile to Northcrest Drive, turn left, go 5.8 miles (Northcrest becomes Lake Earl Drive) to Lower Lake Road, turn left, go 2.5 miles to Kellogg Road, turn left, go 0.8 mile to Tell Boulevard, go left 1.7 miles to the end of the double paved road onto a gravel road, bear left 0.1 mile to parking area with boat launch.


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Mad River Biologists, Ron LeValley
This narrow channel connects freshwater Lake Earl with its more saline estuary named Lake Tolowa. To the north of the boat launch is an old homestead site—indicated by a large grove of Monterey cypress—that attracts migrant songbirds, as can the surrounding willows. Northern Shrike like this area, so check the tops of the willows. Look for raptors year round, such as Bald Eagle and Peregrine Falcon in the winter preying on the abundant waterfowl in the lagoon.
lake earl narrows map
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