Directions: Go north on Highway 101 19.3 miles, turn left at entrance to Pelican Beach State Park, (Nautical Inn Restaurant just before the CA Agricultural Inspection Station).


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 Pelican Beach State Park
This narrow park travels north along the beach one half mile to the California/Oregon border where legend has it that the first surveyors buried a whale vertebrae in the sand to mark the exact boundary between the two states. This is a good location to scope the sea for Marbled Murrelets especially in summer and fall. Pigeon Guillemot and Common Murre can also be seen here during breeding season. In August, young flightless Murre chicks are heard peeping and calling repeatedly in an attempt to locate their parent on the water. Surprisingly, it’s the male parent who bears the sole responsibility of rearing and protecting the chicks on the open ocean until they can fly on their own. Take the half-mile walk up the beach into Oregon and watch the surf for curious seals, surfing dolphins, and even gray whales feeding and breaching in the shallow bay during their spring and winter migrations.
pelican beach
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