Directions: Go south on Highway 101 1.3 mile, park anywhere on right next to beach.


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 Crescent Beach Motel
This long stretch of sandy beach begins at Highway 101 and Anchor Way and runs south for several miles. At the north end where a little seasonal creek runs out to the waves, look for migrating and resting shorebirds. Gulls, Brown Pelican, and even Caspian Tern like to gather here. At low tides, Sanderlings and Whimbrels work the shallow water's edge.
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Points and Places of Interest:
Surfing: The waves along this section of coast are favored by local surfers who rarely find crowds like the southern California beaches. Cold water (55 F degrees in summer and 48 F degrees in winter) demands fortitude and a thick neoprene wetsuit for the few who brave the icy waters. A local surf shop sponsors an annual long board surfing contest, The Noll Long Board Classic, in early October, which attracts hundreds of contestants and hosts several days of activities and music.


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