ST. GEORGE REEF (pelagic site)

Directions: Six to 11 nautical miles west northwest of Crescent City Harbor. The St. George Reef Lighthouse (visible from Pt. St. George) is at the northwest edge of the reef, at approximately 41 degrees 50 feet 13 inches north, 124 degrees 22 feet 30 inches west. Charter boats from the harbor of Crescent City and the port of Brookings, Oregon.


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This is a pelagic (open ocean) area providing a doubly unique experience: rarely seen  open-ocean species and close-up of the St. George Reef Lighthouse, completed in 1892. Best visited spring to fall to see Black-footed Albatross, shearwaters, auklets, jaegers, and Ancient and Marbled Murrelets. Guided trips available during the Aleutian Goose Festival, late March/early April ( and through the Siskiyou Field Institute ( Charters may also be available at the Crescent City,California and Brookings, Oregon harbors.

st george reef map
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